AuroraCraft v6.0 – Preview #2

We’re getting much closer to being able to release the new update for AuroraCraft! Until it’s out, here’s a quick status update on what’s been going on with v6!

We’ve got a lot of new things coming to Factions that have been requested frequently that we’re finally able to bring to the server! One of those things is GUIShop. We’re happy to be able to add this feature to make it easier for you to buy items without having to roam around a limited selection of items.

Example of GUIShop on AuroraCraft v6.0 Factions

Another big change that you’ll see is that a lot of Kit PvP has seen an update including some new faces, well I guess you could say some of them don’t really have a face, but they’ll still be a part of our Kit PvP server in the upcoming update!

Headless Horseman Kit on AuroraCraft v6.0 Kit PvP

I know a lot of people are very curious and anxious as to when we will be releasing this new game mode and we finally have an answer to that. We’re still not 100% sure, but we can say that AuroraCraft v6.0 will be release VERY soon. There may not be a lot of notice about it, but we will drop the update in the not too distant future and we hope that you’ll be apart of it!


Coming VERY Soon

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