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AuroraCraft v7.0.3 Changes

We’ve got even more bug fixes with a couple new features to make things run more stable for everybody including some features for chat. There have also been some changes to our staff lineup. CrippyDippy has been promoted from Mod to Admin, he will be helping to fill in the gaps when StupidGeek00 can’t be around […]

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AuroraCraft v7.0.2

Changes Cleaned up the WarZone and area outside of spawn Updated to Minecraft 1.10 Updated Buycraft to a more up to date version Updated server rules Updated Auto-Broadcast settings to provide a reminder of reporting issues Bugs Fixed Changed permissions so that staff members don’t have full control If there are any bugs that you […]

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AuroraCraft v7.0.1 Changes

Changes WorldBorder increased to 7500 blocks Main End island was mostly unclaimed so that it could be used and to make it easier to get to the ouwer end islands. Information about packages on our Buycraft store has been updated RandomTP added for use by all players Added black market for purchase of spawners and […]

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