AuroraCraft v8.0 Released

It’s been a little while since there’s been anything posted on here, but we’re back and ready to rumble. We’ve been working for the last month or two towards being able to bring the Factions server back. It might be a little bit of a bumpy start coming out, but we’ll be fixing issues along the way.


We’ve brought back a lot of the same features that you’ll remember from previous version of AuroraCraft such as MobArena, shop, and warzone. There are also some new additions to the server such as a large new battle ground area, a new shop, and the ability to break obsidian with┬áTNT.

Players who donated to the server on previous versions will receive a donor package of equal value to what they had previously donated. Packages have changed names and prices some as well as some differences in the perks that are now offered to make sure that we comply with the Mojang EULA that servers need to follow. If you have any questions about your donor package you can contact us using the Ranks forums to get information about what issues you’re having with your rank, e-mail us at, or check our Buycraft page for more information about what’s now available in packages.

As of right now we are aware of a couple issues. Donor packages are available to purchase, but previously purchased packages have not been re-issued yet. If you’re wanting to get your package sooner you can post in the Ranks section of our Forum asking for your donor package and mention that you didn’t receive it in the v8 Transition and I will try to get you set back up as soon as possible. If you purchase a package before your package is re-issued we will roll that amount donated in to your new package.

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