AuroraCraft v7.0 Changes

After releasing AuroraCraft v6.0 we began to realize that there were a lot of things that were broken and a lot of exploits that were being taken advantage of. Due to this we’ve decided that we’re going to reset the server to a less buggy and also less resource intensive server.

This is going to help make it easier for us to bring bug fixes and new features to the server. Some of the things we’re looking at bringing into this new Factions server are things like dungeons. You’ll be able to get special weapons and other collectibles after completing whatever challenge lies in the dungeon. Since we never really released a changelog for v6.0 this post will server as the changelog for everything that has happened since v5 ended.

Ice Spikes


  • Minecraft 1.9 now natively¬†supported
  • Now using GUIShop instead of sign shop
  • Many more items in shop including new items from Minecraft 1.9
  • Building of dungeons started and mechanics started
  • New spawn area
  • EchoPet temporarily removed while we look to find a better replacement for it since it has been discontinued
  • Donor packages have been tweaked to work better
  • Directional warps have been added to make getting farther from spawn easier
  • Warps to end and nether portals
  • Many bugs have been squashed and several exploits have been patched
  • Buycraft donation store has been redesigned

Some of the features that we are wanting to roll out in v7 are not quite ready yet. Things like dungeons are going to be released later on in an update like v7.1 potentially. We also have hopes of returning some features that people weren’t happy to see go from versions past.

There are still a couple of plugins that are not quite up to date so you may notice some things missing or not working correctly with the new version of Minecraft. We hope to be able to add these features back in an upcoming update as soon as they are ready and balanced to handle the changes to combat in v7.0. Any issues that you notice can be reported on our forums or via e-mail at

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