AuroraCraft v7.0.3 Changes

We’ve got even more bug fixes with a couple new features to make things run more stable for everybody including some features for chat. There have also been some changes to our staff lineup. CrippyDippy has been promoted from Mod to Admin, he will be helping to fill in the gaps when StupidGeek00 can’t be around to help.


  • Buycraft updated to properly support Minecraft 1.10
  • Updated parts of the website to prevent bugs
  • Prevented griefing by mobs and players to WarZone
  • Added /warp worlds to easily explore the nether and end
  • Jail added for players who are causing issue and need a timeout, but not necessarily a tempban
  • Voting now works! You can get a diamond by voting for us to help more people find out about us

Bug Fixes

  • Altered some permissions so that muted players can’t chat
  • Players were unable to use /rules
  • Cookies were valued too highly
  • Compasses were valued too highly

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