AuroraCraft v5.2 Changes

v5.2 brings the launch of the crew and many upgrades to Factions!


  • Whitelist expanded to open the Crew!
  • Slider on homepage now shows all servers.
  • /warp shop now available on Factions(forum post)
  • /disposal now available on Factions(forum post)
  • Packed Ice now available in shop on Factions(forum post)
  • Ice now available in shop on Factions
  • Blaze Rods now availablein shop on Factions(forum post)
  • Heads now available to Gold+ donors on Creative(forum post)
  • Players can sell items 10 times per second instead of 4 times per second on Factions
  • Spawn eggs now available through donor kits on Factions(forum post)

Bug Fixes

  • Anti-Spam for private messages too aggressive.
  • Blaze powder can be used to gain large amounts of money on Factions
  • Some blocks weren’t the right pattern in the shop on Factions
  • Incorrect margin for subscription toggle on Forums

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