AuroraCraft v5.2.3 Changes

Small changes and bug fixes including a transition to a new server for the website and even some information about the upcoming v6 upgrades.


  • Added mobile favicon for devices on iOS and Android
  • Moved the website to a new server
  • Two factor authentication added to website using Clef

Bugs Fixed

  • Diamond+ donors unable to remove pets in Lobby
  • Diamond+ donors falling on login from fly being disabled in Factions
  • Unarmed disarming ability too over powered on Kit PvP
  • Info sections on home page missing on website

These changes to the web server may result in some issues with certain features of the website. Some of the user avatars are going to be missing, but can easily be re-uploaded and will revert back to a Steve head until they are fixed.

These changes to the website are going to allow for some more features to be added and will help to increase performance of the website with features like improved caching to prevent images from having to be repeatedly loaded. This server also allows us to cut down on costs for the next couple of years.


Updates have been coming out a little slower lately partially due to somethings going on outside of the servers making it harder to get things done for them, but that should start to get more steady pretty soon. What we’re really working on the most right now is the big version 6 update that’s going to be coming out within the upcoming months. This new version of the server will bring all kinds of new upgrades including a new game mode that we’re working on which we’re looking forward to announcing more details on soon. On top of that new game mode we’re also going to be adding a ton of new features to the other servers that have been requested lately. Including things that are wanted on Factions like GUIShop and even some features for Creative that we have been wanting to pull out for a while. Hopefully sometime soon we can show some more features that are coming to v6 of the server, but until then here’s a look at a new area that we’re going to be bringing to the Factions server in v6.

Factions-Furnace and Farm area

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