AuroraCraft v5.0(beta) Changes

We’ve finally released the Open Beta of AuroraCraft v5.0! There’s still some bugs that are going to be worked out so we are keeping it in beta for now. We will be out of beta soon as soon as a few bugs are resolved.

These are all of the changes made to the network involving AuroraCraft v5.0! With this update our goal as always was to bring more features, more fun, and especially better performance.


  • Optimizations to make the network run much more efficiently and reliably
  • Network-wide ban making moderation much easier
  • McMMO Syncing across entire network


  • New menus
  • Redesigned lobby
A top view of the new v5.0 Lobby

A top view of the new v5.0 Lobby


  • Donors can now mine spawners with silk touch
  • New Spawn Area
  • More items in shop
  • /randomtp to get to a new area on the map
  • McMMO Syncing across entire network

Factions Spawn - Side in


  • Stability fixes to prevent world/plot corruption
  • Bug fixes


  • New game mode!
    • Create your own SkyBlock, invite players to your block, try and complete all of the achievements
  • McMMO Syncing across all servers
  • Whitelisted while in beta, will be publicly released after a few bugs are squashed.


Kit PvP

  • Improved Arena
  • Better looking classes
  • McMMO Syncing across entire network


Web / Graphics

  • New Logo
  • New Voting Banner
  • New Sections to the forums

voting banner

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